Cranberry Gaveti Cookie 210g
Cranberry Gaveti Cookie 210g
Cranberry Gaveti Cookie 210g
Cranberry Gaveti Cookie 210g
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Cranberry Gaveti Cookie 210g

CHARACTERISTICS: Sweet cookie made from wheat flour, vegetable fat; it does not contain trans fats, sweetened with agave
syrup, which contains a low-glycemic index in the sugars it provides, thus avoiding “refine sugars” or
“table sugar” (Sucrose) use, dehydrated cranberry; it provides a more natural flavor, agave inulin which
is a natural and great source of dietary fiber, leavening agents and essences to enhance the flavor.

INGREDIENTS: Fortified wheat flour (iron, folic acid,zinc, niacin (vitamin b3), thiamine (vitamin b1) riboflavin (vitamin
b2) (GLUTEN), Organic agave syrup, Vegetable fat (palm oil and/or itsfractions, coconut and/or kernel)
Dehydrated Cranberry, Oatmeal flakes, Vanilla flavor, Organic Agave inulin, Ammonium bicarbonate,
Baking soda, Cranberry essence, Salt.

• Keep in a cool and dry place at room temperature.
• Do not expose to the sun.
• Do not expose to humid environments.
• Do not need refrigeration.
• Keep stored without damaging the packaging or wrappings.
Its best before date for consumption is 12 months from production date.

CONSUMPTION RESTRICTIONS: ALLERGENS: The product contains wheat flour (GLUTEN) and was made in equipment where nuts are processed
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