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Citrus Punch Fruit Tisane
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SKU: 7503024155150

Citrus Punch Fruit Tisane

DESCRIPTION AND INGREDIENTS: Mix of dehydrated fruits: Apple, kiwi, mango, pineapple, orange peel, pear, sugar, artificial flavor, ascorbic acid and citric acid as antioxidants, calcium stearate and calcium chloride as anticaking agents. Sulfur dioxide, sodium benzoate and sodium metabisulfite as preservatives.

SHELF LIFE & STORAGE CONSERVATION: Shelf Life: 365 Days / 1 Year
Store Temperature 25 ͦC to 30 ͦC in dry place
Transport Temperature 25 ͦC to 30 ͦC in dry place

CONSUMPTION RESTRICTIONS: ALLERGENS: Sulfites and may contain traces of Nuts, almonds, coconut.
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