Wolter Chocolates, flavors with history

The state of Tabasco, in southeast Mexico, has an exceptional scent. It is the aroma of cacao that its trees, land, and people have.

The cacao tradition in Tabasco comes from prehispanic times, when 4,000 years ago the Olmec and Mayan cultures were the first to transform this fruit into a drink that was prepared exclusively for the gods. Cacao was also used as currency in ancient Mexico, so it has an ancestral importance that is still alive today.

For all this, when almost 100 years ago Dr. Otto Wolter, a German immigrant, came to Mexico and specifically to Tabasco, he was enormously seduced by acquiring a hacienda to make products derived from cacao harvested in his own plantations.

Cacao producerCalled Hacienda La Luz, today remains one of the main producers of cacao in Tabasco. It employs around 25 people who put all their heart and knowledge to produce cacao, and products derived from it, of the highest quality.

Wolter Chocolates began with two products: chocolate tablets and chocolate powder, both to prepare delicious hot or cold drinks. But today, after five generations dedicated to the production of cacao, they also have a range of fine chocolate called Quetzalli.

With the idea of creating different chocolates that could actually compete with the best in the world, the Wolter family started looking for different types of cacao in their own plantation. They found them, and thus Quetzalli offers chocolates with a mix of three types of cocoa paste that have won awards and international recognition for their high quality, flavors, and aromas.

The cacao of Tabasco has Denomination of Origin and is recognized as one of the best in the world.