Terana, better taste, healthier

Terana was born in 1969 with the idea of marketing important brands of high-quality food. After decades in the market, they decided to launch their own brand of spices in 2001, to give more and better options to consumers, always using carefully selected raw materials of the best possible quality.

Ginger powderThe spices are obtained from the bark, buds, root, flower, fruit, seeds or the grain of perennial plants, and they can be used whole or ground. The raw materials are obtained directly from the places where they are cultivated or grow naturally, mainly from producing regions of Mexico, such as the state of Chiapas, or from other countries, like Guatemala.

Terana's production processes comply with the highest standards, passing the raw material through a procedure of inspection, selection and detection of metals, before entering the packaging process. Their production plant, located in Mexico City, has SQF Level 2 certification, Responsible Sourcing of SMETA 2-pillar and Halal certification.

In addition to the high-quality standards that are followed, most Terana products are Kosher certified.