Sierra Madre, artisanal honey

Sierra Madre is the result of a 4th generation beekeeping family based in northern Mexico. Committed to health, from the beginning they’ve had the conviction of doing things well and of creating an all-natural and healthy product. For this reason. Sierra Madre’s honey is organic, raw, unprocessed, with no artificial flavors, colors, gluten or preservatives. Their product comes directly from the beehives.

Raw organic honey

There are few foods in the world as sweet and succulent as the raw honey created by a dedicated hive of hardworking honeybees. While the typical consumer only experiences the by-product of the honeybees’ hard work, it is important to note that each bee invests a significant amount of time into the monumental task of collecting enough raw honey for the well-being of the hive.

In love with the beautiful art of beekeeping, Sierra Madre pride itself of each exotic, real, organic and delicious honey batch that comes from flowers like Mezquite, Wildflower and Orange Blossoms, grown in the Mexican states of Yucatán, Veracruz and Aguascalientes.