Sachia, the best of chia seed

Chia is one of the favorite superfoods in the world, but few people know that its origins date back thousands of years.

In Mexico, chia is cultivated since prehispanic times, when it was mainly consumed as a source of energy for long walks on foot and as food for warriors. With the arrival of the Spaniards, the production of other cereals was imposed, leaving aside this seed; however, the producers of the region took on the task of rescuing it, and that is why today we can enjoy all the incredible health benefits that chia offers.

ChiaSachia, as part of Naturkost, is a brand that produces organic chia mainly in the state of Jalisco. The soil and climate conditions of this region produce a seed of a quality that is not obtained anywhere else in Mexico or any other country.

Its chain of 100 producers is responsible for cultivating and processing organic chia under the highest international certifications, with the same care and attention as their ancestors. Chia is planted once a year, because it is a temporary crop, and the whole process is supervised by experts in the area and people in charge of organic audits.

Sachia has different national and international certifications that guarantee the quality of its products.