Oreganic, the best oregano in the world

It is little known that one of the best oregano in the world is grown in El Mezquital region of Durango, in northern Mexico. This is due to its climatic conditions that are ideal for the oregano plant to grow naturally, without the need for chemicals or any external material to help its growth.

Taking advantage of this, in 2005 a group of people, including agriculture specialists and oregano producers, decided to create Oreganic, a brand that produces oregano of the highest quality and generate sources of employment in the region.

OreganoWith government support to buy machinery, and with all their knowledge and love for agriculture, Oreganic began to grow and today produces not only oregano in spice, but also oregano capsules and oil -which concentrate all the beneficial properties of the plant-, and chia capsules, one of the most potent superfoods that exist. These capsules and oils are consumed as food supplements.

The “tepehuanos” –the native people of El Mezquital region- are among the five municipalities with the greatest marginalization of Mexico. For this reason, every season of oregano harvesting, Oreganic offers them job to support their economy.

Oregano is known for its antioxidant properties, and the one cultivated in Durango has them potentiated since the weather forces the oregano to save more of its natural oils, concentrating them and becoming one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world!