Nabora, food with soul

Mole is one of the most complex and representative dishes of Mexican cuisine. It is a kind of sauce prepared with over 30 ingredients among chiles, seeds, spices and chocolate. It is a delicacy that is normally eaten with chicken, and that has been cooked since prehispanic times. Today we can continue to enjoy it thanks to the traditional cooks of Oaxaca who put all their passion to elaborate it meticulously.

Doña Nabora is one of these cooks who has dedicated her life to the preparation of mole. With love for the cuisine of her land and an extraordinary knowledge of the aromas and flavors of the ingredients she uses, her creation has remained in the memory of all the people who have tasted it.

Mole NaboraThis is how "Nabora" was born; a brand that pays tribute to this woman and her tireless work of bringing to the dining tables one of the most important gastronomic riches in Mexico.

Its founders wanted to reinterpret her traditional mole while keeping its delicious properties, but removing the unhealthy elements like added sugars, fats, gluten and preservatives to deliver a super healthy and delicious product. They also wanted to maintain the peculiar way in which Doña Nabora sold her mole: in one bag all the ground of seeds, chiles and spices, and in another the chocolate. "Nabora" also sells its product this way, allowing each person to play with the quantity of chocolate they want to add to the sauce.

Nabora’s founders think that their brand is the way in which they contribute to society: making a delicious product preserving its ancestral roots but in a totally healthy way.