KempaX, taste and health

What happens when for a born producer climatic conditions are not ideal for the product he wants to make? He changes the product.

That’s how KempaX story began, a brand from northern Mexico that produces culinary products based on nopal (prickly pear cactus), a millenary cactus that is loaded with nutrition content and has tons of health benefits.

As its founder, Gonzalo Mancillas, says, KempaX arose by accident. Initially, what he wanted was to grow grana cochineal (the plague of nopal) to produce natural pigments, but the climate of Linares, Nuevo León, near the city of Monterrey, was not ideal for this little animal. However, it worked for nopal, so he decided to change his project and focus on producing organic cactus with the highest quality standards.

NopalFrom selling it fresh, as a vegetable, he went to prepare it in pickle and bottling it. The remainder of nopal that was left -because it didn’t fit in the bottles- was given to the people of the town who wanted it for their consumption, or to their neighbors to feed their horses. Until one day his wife had the idea to make jams with that surplus product. They never imagined that they were creating an extraordinary gastronomic product that in addition to being super nutritious is extra delicious.

KempaX jams are made with nopal planted and harvested by themselves. They add pineapple honey to take advantage of the flavorful sweet taste of this fruit, delivering a 100% natural product, without artificial colors, added flavors or conservatives.

When Gonzalo is asked what the main ingredients of their products are, he responds: "enthusiasm and love for bringing a healthy and delicious product to the people".