Humar, products born from the love for nature

Passion is the greatest engine that humans have. HUMAR was born from the passion for the gifts and wisdom that nature gives us.

Mexico is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world; Oaxaca is the most biodiverse state in the country, and the coast is the most biodiverse area of the state. That is why in here, on the Oaxacan coast, is where HUMAR has its plantations to grow medicinal plants with invaluable health benefits.

After China, Mexico is the second country with the most medicinal plants in the world. Around 4,500 medicinal plants have been identified in its territory, and HUMAR grows the best to offer all-natural and organic teas and infusions.

Organic teas and infusionsThe project is mainly developed in Huatulco, and it also has the social sense of helping the most marginalized communities in the region. This help doesn’t come only in the form of providing a job, but also in educating on how to take advantage of the floristic wealth of the coast, creating a school for farmers where they can learn that from a biodiverse plot they can obtain products to survive, make natural medicines and sell them to others.

With organic products such as moringa, lemongrass, and guácimo (among many others), the philosophy of HUMAR focuses on the care of the soil, since its fertile land is the one that offers the best gifts of nature.