Earth Co Organics, be superfoodelicious!

Earth Co Organics founder, Carlos, understood several years ago that we are what we eat. He understood it after having gone through cancer, which he was able to beat by consuming organic and very healthy products.

His story with organic products began with Goji berries, but his enthusiasm for flavor and innovation in healthy products led him to develop other edibles, including beans, one of the most Mexican foods that exist.

Organic productsMexico is one of the countries with the highest organic production in the world, that’s why Earth Co Organics has found the ideal producers for their beans right here. These producers are located in the states of Michoacán and Durango, but the rest of the production and packaging take place near Mexico City. The result is 100% organic products, with zero preservatives, and that rescue the typical and ethnic flavors of the country. They are even vegan, because the beans are prepared with safflower oil instead of lard, as they are normally made in the country.

Carlos' conviction for healthy eating led him to create this brand that we can all enjoy and benefit from its high nutritional value. Earth Co Organics products are certified by CERTIMEX, the best Mexican certifier of ecologic products and processes.