Don Balbino, gourmet and specialty coffee

Coffee is life. Not only because it fills us with energy to live, but because it is born from a fertile land full of life.

With this in mind, Mr. Balbino Ramírez decided to specialize in this product, studying it deeply. This is how he became a coffee eminence and decided to support coffee growers to produce the highest quality in the Talpa de Allende region of Jalisco, a place he has called home since 1959. In this area of Mexico he is a superstar, because thanks to his knowledge and advice, Jalisco coffee has become renowned in the industry, and even has been compared with some of the best in the world.

Don BalbinoWhen his wife died, his daughters encouraged him to create his own brand of coffee, making his production but also incorporating those of other coffee growers that he has advised for decades. This is how "Don Balbino" was born, a coffee of pure quality that is grown in the shade of the trees of the region. The crops are located between mountains that receive the marine breeze from the Pacific Ocean, which creates a microclimate that has been ideal for coffee production.

"Don Balbino" only sells gourmet and specialty coffee, both with an extraordinary quality, as their grains are selected by hand to ensure a perfect, organic and 100% natural product. In addition, its specialty coffee has the Q Grader Certification, awarded exclusively to high-quality coffees.

The flavors and aromas of "Don Balbino" bring along years of history and love for this product of life.