From the forest (De La Selva) ... to your table.

From the Tropic of Cochabamba - Bolivia, De La Selva produces fresh and healthy food for the world! The company began its activities in 2001, centering its core business focusing on agricultural production and supply of coffee seedlings, hearts of palm, cacao and camu camu, as alternative crops to the coca leaf (raw material for cocaine). Subsequently, the company established its own plantations of hearts of palm and camu and engaged in processing and merchandising in the Bolivian market.

In 2003 De La Selva took the decision of building and implementing an industrializing food plant, with enough capacity to expand its merchandising activities in the domestic market and export surpluses to the international market. This is how in 2006, De La Selva began its industrial production operations at its modern plant located in the area of Isarzama, in the Tropic of Cochabamba. Nowadays the company employs more than 160 people who work in the area of industrial and agricultural production, and also in the administrative / accounting area, which translates in direct employment for men and women of the small town of Isarzama, that is multiplied by 10 when the impact on the generation of indirect jobs is counted.


Since the beginning of its operations, De La Selva has enjoyed of a steady growth. The production volumes have increased year after year, having the opportunity of expand the freshness of its food to important and demanding markets in North and South America, Europe and the Middle East. Currently De La Selva is a leading provider in the Bolivian market whose products are recognized and valued for their quality and contribution to good health.

The quality management involves different players; many farm families who own seedling nurseries and are dedicated to the seedling production. Carefully selected seeds are taken to the field until they reach their desired growth. Agronomists are in charge of recovering the plants for the company, and establish them in two farms with over 200 acres owned by De La Selva. These spaces are environmental friendly, and possess ideal conditions of climate and soil where the hearts of palm plantations grow and develop until they are ready to be use.

However, this production is not enough. Around 70% of the raw material comes from individual farmers, who are guided with good farming techniques. These techniques allow them to improve the level of productivity in the farms; their ability to do business, as well as the quality of life for them and their families.

The company works its own production with private labels, but always taking into account the origin of the product and its greatest feature ... quality.