About Wakkal Market

Wakkal Market was born to support small producers of high-quality products in emerging economies with the aim of taking their goods to markets where access has always been difficult. For this, we make sure to select only products that meet the highest production standards.

Committed to the positive social impact that this may have, at Wakkal Market we not only help to increase our producers’ sales, but we support them to promote and disseminate the stories behind them and the incredible benefits that their consumption has.


What makes us different?

At Wakkal Market we believe in fair trade and equal opportunities for producers; hence, by being part of our online store they become our associates, this way they can be sure that they will receive a fair payment for the sales of their products. In the same line, our buyers can be sure that what they are buying comes directly from the producers, zero intermediaries involved.


What is a “wakkal”?

The name “wakkal” comes from the Spanish word “huacal” (pronounced just the same as wakkal). A huacal is one of the most folkloric objects in Mexico and it has been present since prehispanic times; it is a box or basket made with thin wooden boards, that’s mainly used to transport fruits and vegetables in local markets and agricultural fields all around the country. It is a popular element that is related immediately to fresh produce.  

Go ahead and fill up your wakkal with organic, gourmet and the finest products!

Our producers

Our small-batch producers are the heart and soul of Wakkal Market and therefore having a positive social impact in their lives is what matters most to us. Their hard work, extensive knowledge, and love for their lands are the perfect ingredients to create products with the highest quality standards.

We have strict selection criteria, as we only work with producers concerned about keeping a low environmental impact, whose production involves fair working conditions and cruelty-free processes.

Our goods are produced by families who put all their heart, knowledge and effort into them. Each purchase at Wakkal Market supports the family and local economy of the producers.

If you want to see other products at Wakkal Market, feel free to let us know. We are pleased to receive your suggestions so we can identify the best producers to elaborate on the goods you want to have at home.

Our products

Our philosophy is based on the idea that everything begins with our body. For instance, how are we treating it and what are we giving to it.

Current accelerated lifestyle leaves us little time to spend on finding the right products for our health. Farmers’ markets and organic stores are good places for buying fresh products; nevertheless, we don’t always have time for green shopping. By buying whatever comes our way, we sacrifice food quality and proper nutrition. Having this on our minds, we’ve created Wakkal Market, an online marketplace that offers natural and organic products of the highest quality just one click away!

We work by choosing the best producers and making sure that their processes follow the highest standards. Our focus is on providing a wide variety of natural, organic, vegan, gluten-free food and personal care products.

At Wakkal Market you will find:

- Products that are easy to cook and to take with you

- A detailed description and information about each product, its benefits, and its producer’s story

- Usage recommendations

- A special selection of products every month

- “The Green Market Post”, our blog full of inspiration for a better living with recommendations, tips, recipes, reviews, fitness trends and more.

We believe that fair and sustainable trade brings better outcomes. That’s why we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and acting in a socially responsible manner. 


Behind Wakkal Market there’s a group of passionate and experienced people from the food industry interested in fair trade and the stories behind small-batch producers. Also, we happen to be experts in international business and have a big entrepreneurial spark.

Omar Jalife Castaños

Mexican, Bachelor in International Business from De La Salle Bajío University and specialist in replicable business models by Anáhuac de México University. He is dedicated to the conformation, projection, commissioning, and operation of business models, mainly in the food industry. A developer of scalable business models with regional impact in economic and social affairs. He collaborates with the Mexican Government creating and executing public policies.

Rodrigo Armendariz

He is convinced that companies are born international and must do everything possible to leverage opportunities no matter where they are. Entrepreneur and businessman, always looking for Latin American producers to improve their quality of life. After more than 20 years of work in international trade, he complements his experience with his business partner to take advantage of everything learned and created an integrated solution that has the greatest possible impact with producers in Latin America, while contributing to their sustainable development.

Diana Palencia

With professional training in international law and business, she has participated in the constitution of multiple SMEs with foreign capital in Mexico, advising various entrepreneurs on the best options for the operation of their businesses. She has collaborated in the development of strategic plans for companies in the country, as well as with the Ministry of Economy for the development of legal contents for the creation of enterprises. She joins the Wakkal Market team using this knowledge to contribute to the growth and improvement of the businesses of producers in Latin America.