Tips to start running in a healthy way

Tips to start running in a healthy way

Do you want to start running? It is well known that running is an activity with many benefits, both psychological and physiological: it’ll get you in shape, releases endorphins, improves cardiovascular health, prevents muscle atrophy and helps to avoid and treat anxiety, stress and depression, among other advantages.

The problem comes when you start running without taking into account some basic premises that if you don’t fulfill them, they can cause you injuries, or to just not enjoy the run and leave it for good.

To start running in a healthy way and adopt this fantastic habit that will bring you tons of benefits, here we share some valuable tips.


Control the time and intensity of your running

A lot of people who are running for the first time in their lives, want to do it for too long, or on very steep slopes, through soft sand at the beach, or at the same pace as a friend who has been running for years.

This can cause injuries, so it is important that if you are just going to start running, you control the amount and way you do it.

Being motivated is a good thing, in fact, it is necessary to start running, but it is better to do it little by little and to increase the intensity and time healthily.


Progression, the basis to start running

This tip is linked with the first one. An excess of motivation can lead you to move from the couch to running every day, and that is not logical, sustainable or healthy. It can lead to overtraining, chronic fatigue, demotivation and to quit.

You must manage your adrenaline and control the variables of your training to go in progression.

Intensity: start running slowly, even walking. Little by little you will be able to go faster.

Time: start running a little time and gradually increase the distance.

Weekly volume: don’t go running every day. Start with one or two days a week and gradually increase the amount. If they are non-consecutive days, it is much better.

Rest: if you start to feel very tired during your training it is best to stop and to walk for some minutes. Similarly, resting during the week is vital.


Warm up, always!

Warming up helps prepare the body to perform the stimulus that is coming and thus prevent unnecessary injuries and fatigue.

Your performance will increase a lot and your sensations will be much more positive. So don’t hesitate to warm up.

Before going for a run, jog for about 5 minutes (you can do it in the same place), do a bit of joint mobility and dynamic stretches especially the lower body, and you'll be ready to start running.


Visualize and plan your training session

The best thing is to plan how much time or distance you want to run, in order to be clear about the objective of training and stay focused and with high motivation.

If you start running, set real and measurable goals; for example: run 3 or 4 kilometers, or for 10 or 15 minutes.


Give your body an energy boost

A smoothie containing honey, chia seeds, flaxseeds and other ingredients full of nutritious properties will fill you up with energy and will make you feel stronger for your run.  

If you’re getting a morning run, a smoothie will also rehydrate you after sleeping all night, ensuring that you don’t go into your run dehydrated.

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