Say hello to a new generation of super healthy and delicious jams!

Say hello to a new generation of super healthy and delicious jams!

Jams are a food product very used in the kitchen thanks to their practicality, durability and ease to eat.

Whether as part of breakfast, as a half-day snack or even as an ingredient to prepare a delicious dish, it is very common to have jams in our lives.

However, jams sold in the supermarkets are usually made with sugars, artificial colorants and other additives that take away any nutritive contribution that the fruits contained in them can offer.

But, a new generation of jams is flourishing with brands that offer 100% natural gourmet products, sweetened with agave syrup, without preservatives or artificial colorants and, best of all, prepared with superfoods and other highly nutritious foods.

For instance, we have nopal jam, which is made from nopal –or prickly pear cactus- that is an edible plant native to Mexico. This food has tons of health benefits including antiviral properties, it’s packed with antioxidants and may help improve digestion and boost the metabolism. It may sound a bit exotic, but it’s a super healthy and delicious jam option to have in the pantry.


Another great option is amaranth jam, which provides the benefits of this superfood considered by the United States National Academy of Sciences as "the best food of vegetable origin for human consumption”. Amaranth is also a plant native to Mexico and it has been consumed since prehispanic times. It’s a great source of calcium, fiber and has tons of vitamins and minerals.

As a third option of super healthy jams, we want to talk about fig jam. The fig stands out above all for its contribution of fiber and for containing a significant amount of antioxidants. It helps reduce blood pressure and inflammation, and is a good source of energy.

So, do you want to try them? Change your mainstream jams for one (or all) of these options. You have lots of health benefits to win if you do so!

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