International Chocolate Awards: Wolter Chocolates, a proud Mexican winner!

International Chocolate Awards: Wolter Chocolates, a proud Mexican winner!

It is well known that Mexican chocolates are some of the best in the world. And this just seems obvious if we take into account that the fertile lands of Mexico’s territory have been since ancient times the cradle of extraordinary quality cacao. Now, their chocolatiers produce some of the finest and most delicious chocolates in the world.

This year (2018), Mexico won 19 out of 85 awards in the second edition of the International Chocolate Awards in the Central America Competition. These awards recognize the tradition and culture of chocolate and cacao for thousands of years in the historic area of Mesoamerica, and its objective is to help develop the local production of artisanal and fine-flavored chocolate products, as well as stimulate the production of fine cacao in the region.

The competition was held on December 1 to 5 in Guatemala City, where judges from South America, the United States, Europe and Japan, evaluated 800 different products from 130 chocolate companies from 16 countries.

Mexico won 19 out of 85 awards, being Tabasco-based Chocolates Wolter one of its main winners with eight awards. The categories in which it won are: "Plain / original dark chocolate bars" with three silver awards; "Dark chocolate bars with an infusion or flavoring" with one silver and one bronze award; "Ganaches or truffles using mixed dark/milk/white for coating and fillings" with one silver award; and "Dark drinking chocolate (made with milk)" with two silver awards.

Wolter Chocolates

Last year, at the first Central America Competition, Wolter Chocolates was the top Mexican participant, taking home 10 awards, three of which were gold winning in the categories "Milk chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces", "Milk chocolate ganaches or truffles" and "White chocolate ganaches or truffles".

This same International Chocolate Awards had a world edition at the end of October (2018) in Florence, Italy, where chocolates from all over the world were evaluated and awarded. Wolter Chocolates was also a winner of this edition, taking the gold award in the category "Rough ground flavored dark chocolate bars" with its Quetzalli 70% with chicatana (ant) salt and cardamom bar.

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