Ideas for a truly Mexican Cinco de Mayo party

Do you want to host a truly Mexican Cinco de Mayo party? Well, we have you covered!

Follow our easy and practical ideas and you will have a super fun Cinco de Mayo party, without missing authentic elements of Mexican culture that Mexican families actually include in their parties.

Grab your piñatas and let’s get this party started!



Let’s start with snacks. Food is a huge part of Mexican parties, so you have to be sure to have plenty and delicious options!

Probably, the most traditional and easy Mexican finger food is guacamole with tortilla chips. It’s a great option that everybody loves, so go for it!

Tacos dorados (fried tacos) are also a great choice. They are super easy to do and delicious. Just roll shredded chicken in corn tortillas, secure each taco with a toothpick and fried them. Accompany them with cream, shredded cheese and salsa –our favorite is salsa verde, but you can also have guacamole or a chunky red salsa prepared with tomatoes, onion, chile and coriander.

*For a vegan option of tacos dorados, switch the chicken for mashed potatoes.

You can also delight your guests with molletes, a super traditional food in Mexico. Molletes are a kind of open sandwich with refried beans and melted cheese served with salsa –mainly, pico de gallo.

For a sweet and sour snack, go for hibiscus jerky or nopal jerky. Hibiscus and nopal are widely consumed in Mexico.


Main dish

If after snacks you want to serve a main dish, you should definitely go for mole.

Mole is Mexico’s national dish and is full of ingredients like chocolate, different kinds of chiles, seeds, herbs, fruits and other spices. Its flavor is unique and irresistible.

You can take your cooking skills to the next level and prepare a homemade mole, or just shop online a really nice mole paste. Don’t forget to accompany it with rice and corn tortillas.

Learn more about this mouthwatering dish in our “All about mole” article.



Wrap all the delicious indulgence with a traditional Mexican dessert like flan, arroz con leche (rice pudding), pan de elote (corn cake) or churros with hot chocolate. You can also just have on your table some chunks of gourmet Mexican chocolate.

Mexico is a top coffee producing country, so don’t forget to serve Mexican coffee with the dessert.



Drinks are essential at any party. We know that tequila and margaritas are the number one options for Cinco de Mayo, but, what about ditching them and opt for mezcal? Mezcal is one of the most traditional Mexican spirits (it is also made with agave, like tequila) and it’s a huge trend all around Mexico. You can prepare some cocktails or just have it alone accompanied by orange slices –preferably sprinkled with worm salt.  

Of course, don’t forget to have Mexican beers. And for a non-alcohol option, prepare traditional aguas frescas like agua de jamaica (hibiscus) or agua de horchata (rice-based drink).



Any Cinco de Mayo party should be full of color, just like Mexico is.

Must-have supplies for your Mexican décor should include papel picado, streamers, colorful tablecloths and don’t forget at least one piñata full of candies!



You can costume yourself up with a sombrero, ribbons, rebozos and even a Mariachi outfit, or just keep it simple and dress with the Mexican flag colors: green, white and red.

The most important is to be comfortable to enjoy your Cinco de Mayo party!


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