Different ways to include nopal in your everyday diet

Different ways to include nopal in your everyday diet

Nopal is a millenary food that has been part of Mexican diet since pre-Hispanic times. In some parts of the U.S. it has been gaining popularity as an exotic, gourmet and healthy addition to the diet.

This is so because of the enormous amount of health benefits that its consumption has. If you want to know more about it, read our article "Have you heard of nopal? Learn all about its health benefits".

So, ok, we know that this edible cactus is good for health and has tons of nutritional content, but, how do we eat it? If you have never tried it, you should know that nopal has a somewhat slimy consistency, maybe similar to that of the asparagus and it has a light flavor with a touch of acidity.

Here are some ideas to include this wonderful cactus in your diet on a frequent basis.

Nopal cactus 

Make a soup

For an exotic yet delicious hot soup, dice some nopales and toss them into a tomato soup. Let the cactus cook for a while before serving it. As simple as that.


Prepare a super powerful smoothie

Prepare a healthy smoothie blending nopales with pineapple. You can add some extra power by including chia seeds!


Fix a salad

You can prepare a delicious salad with nopales, avocado, tomatoes, lemon and olive oil. Add salt and oregano to taste.


Buy nopal jam

For an easy and healthy treat, just spread some nopal jam on a toast. This is a good idea to get children to eat it and receive its health benefits.


Toss it in your grill

Roasted nopal is delicious. Take advantage of your next barbecue and toss some nopales in your grill. You will love the flavor!

If you’re not having a barbecue soon, you can grill it in your stove and add some panela cheese on top. Yummy!


Cook some nopales and eggs

Change your ham and eggs recipe for a nopales and eggs option. Just make sure to cook the nopales for a while before pouring the eggs in the pan. Start your day right with this light and healthy breakfast!

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