Best gifts for your vegan and health-conscious friends

Best gifts for your vegan and health-conscious friends

The desire for health and wellbeing is advancing more and more in our society. This is certainly one of the reasons why people today live more and often find themselves in good shape even in old age. The growing awareness of a healthy diet with food free of preservatives and additives, plays an important role in this regard. The consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whole foods and the least possible amount of products of animal origin, is more popular than ever.

Here is a list of excellent gifts that you can give to your vegan and health-conscious friends.


Homemade healthy gifts

Homemade foods are particularly popular as they give the feeling that you are following a healthy and nutritious diet. All those who want to eat healthy enjoy delights created by themselves, like a homemade yogurt. It's great to know what ingredients your food was prepared with and to be able to enjoy them with a clear conscience. For the perfect gift, why not make a basket full of delicious homemade healthy foods?


Nutrition and health workshops

Cooking classes or health and nutrition workshops are popular gifts for health-conscious and vegan people. They are especially good for getting interesting tips, recipe ideas and suggestions, as well as for exchanging thoughts with like-minded people. In addition to the vegetarian and vegan workshops, there are different classes that offer other forms of nutrition by themes, such as Paleolithic cooking courses or food intolerance.

 Berries smoothie

Cooking appliances for a healthy diet

For a large family home, it is worth buying powerful, high-quality cooking appliances, such as a blender and a juice extractor. With a high-performance blender, you can make multiple creations such as delicious smoothies and even your own almond milk, giving everyone who cares about a healthy diet a special treat. With a juice extractor, you can squeeze whole fruits to easily make your own healthy juices at home.


Basket with organic products

An extraordinary gift is to make a basket packed with all kinds of organic products, such as chia, flaxseed, lentils, honey, coffee, chocolates, healthy spreads (think amaranth, fig and nopal) and vanilla extract. Ground spices like turmeric, cardamom and ginger; and organic teas like moringa and lemongrass. Your vegan and health-conscious friends will love you for life!

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