Become a morning person! 6 tips to wake up early and happy

Become a morning person! 6 tips to wake up early and happy

If you wake up tired or you think it would be better for you to get up early and feel clearer in the mornings, try these useful and life-changing tips!

People who get up early with ease and who even enjoy it, live more in synchrony with natural rhythms. Those of nocturnal habits are at higher risk of suffering fatigue, sleep disturbances and other disorders related to a deregulation of biological rhythms.

Although the tendency to be nocturnal may have a genetic explanation, habits related to lifestyle are often the main responsible for delaying the time to go to sleep and wake up feeling well rested. But everything can be put in order.


Gradually change the time to bed

If you wake up tired and confused, it is likely that you haven’t slept enough. An adult person needs 6 to 9 hours of sleep.

Don’t go to bed when you don’t know longer what to do. Set the time to bed and the alarm clock. Each day, delay 15 minutes the time to go to sleep in order to adjust the ideal time for bed so that you can sleep long enough.


Take a glass of water

Throughout the night your body becomes dehydrated, especially if you haven’t drunk enough water before going to bed. Dehydration causes fatigue.

So, the first thing you should do in the morning is to drink a glass of water. You can add a few drops of lemon juice to take advantage of the vitamin, antibiotic and depurative properties of this citrus.


Expose to daylight

If at night the light is a big enemy of the sleep, in the morning it is in charge of cutting off the secretion of the hormone melatonin and starting up the state of alertness.

Open all the blinds and curtains. You can even go out for a walk before having breakfast and getting ready for the day.

 Cup of coffee

Drink a cup of coffee

Coffee is one of morning’s best friends. If you enjoy drinking it, then you will love to keep doing it to finish waking up in the morning.


Exercise in the morning

If your schedule allows it, don’t leave your physical exercise session for the afternoon. Physical activity in the morning is one of the best allies to become a morning person.

It doesn’t need to be very intense; it can be a yoga series that helps you activate the muscles and release some endorphins. If you can add some minutes of outdoors run or swim, much better.


Take a healthy breakfast

A good and healthy breakfast is the ideal complement to complete the energy you need to stay awake and happy in the morning. Including superfoods like chia and moringa, and other natural foods like honey, cacao and nopal, can give you the boost that your body requires to feel excellent and healthy during the day.

Also, having with you healthy snacks to eat when you get hungry in the street or at the office, is a great idea.

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