3 reasons to eat gourmet Mexican chocolates

3 reasons to eat gourmet Mexican chocolates

It’s true, we can find delicious and high-quality chocolates in several countries of the world, but, on this occasion, we want to focus on gourmet Mexican chocolate.

Although frequently undervalued by the chocolate fame of countries like Belgium and Switzerland, Mexican chocolate is recognized by specialists as one of the best in the world and its consumption has some incredible benefits.

For instance, the state of Tabasco is one of the most important regions in Mexico for cacao production -the main ingredient in chocolates-, and its product has Denomination of Origin and is recognized as one of the best in the world.

Also, the chocolatier movement in Mexico has had an extraordinary development, being able to find gourmet chocolate brands created with mixtures of different types of cacao, and that have won international awards for their exceptional quality, flavor and aroma.

Here are 3 reasons to eat gourmet Mexican chocolates.


Thanks to the unique climatic characteristics of the main regions where cocoa is grown, Mexican chocolates are of great quality. Proof of this is the large number of awards, recognitions and international medals that different chocolate makers have won around the world.

If you have a gourmet Mexican chocolate in your hands, you can be sure that it was created with the highest quality standards, so its flavor will be irresistible and of an exquisite and very fine taste.

 Gourmet chocolates

Beneficial properties

Mexican gourmet chocolates retain the vast majority of cacao's beneficial properties. Among them we can highlight:

-High volume of free radical and antioxidants.

-Rich in proteins, calcium and other minerals like magnesium and sulfur.

- Improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure.

- Improves brain function.

-It contains polyphenols that have been demonstrated to have a positive effect on the mood of people, combating anxiety and depression.


Millenary food

Cacao has been cultivated and consumed in Mexico since prehispanic times, so it is a millenary food.

To eat Mexican chocolates is to taste a bit of the enormous history of Mexico, where the products of its fertile lands have been essential for the development of the country.

In addition, cacao producers are people who have spent their entire lives dedicating themselves to it, in many cases having inherited from generation to generation the honor of working the land for a product as beneficial as cacao.

For all this and much more, say yes to gourmet Mexican chocolates. You will love them!

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